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Bald Eagle 2.2" 2WD Off-Road Buggy Front Tires

for 2.2" 1:10 2WD Front Buggy Wheels, Includes Closed Cell Foam

  • 8301

Pro-Line's new Bald Eagle tires have landed! Introducing Pro-Line's ready-made Bald Eagle 2.2" slick tires for 1:10 Buggy. Many indoor off-road racetracks now have crazy amounts of traction eliminating the need for traditional treaded tires. Pro-Line's Bald Eagle tires are made specifically for racers currently running full slick tires, saving time and effort from having to grind treaded tires down. The shape of the Bald Eagle tire has been expertly refined to give you the best possible performance and is available in both MC (Clay) and S3 (Soft) compounds to suit your current track conditions. Don't settle for anything less than the best in American-made, screaming eagle performance with Pro-Line's new Bald Eagle tires!


Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted

8301-17 | Bald Eagle 2.2" 2WD MC (Clay) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires (2) (with closed cell foam)
8301-203 | Bald Eagle 2.2" 2WD S3 (Soft) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires (2) (with closed cell foam)

  • Bald Eagle 2.2" 2WD Front Buggy Tires (2 pcs)
  • Closed Cell Foam Inserts (2 pcs)

  • 2.2" 1:10 2WD Front Buggy Wheels

Download Tire Compound Chart
Tire Compound Colored Dot Chart
Height:   3.27" (83mm)
Width:   1.15" (29mm)

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